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Public Transit: Milwaukee-Area Bus Systems

Milwaukee's primary public transit system is the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS). The MCTS is a robust busing system with routes connecting all corners of the city and offering residents rides to nearby cities and towns.

Beginning June 4th, the Bus Rapid Transit service CONNECT 1 will be operational replacing the GoldLine route.  At that time, Waukesha Metro Route 1 will also service the campus. Services changes can be found here

NOTE:  Riders who need to get to 87th St. can pick up the Waukesha Metro 1 bus at the 92 stops on 92nd Street.  Riders would walk a short distance to the 92nd/Metro 1 regular bus stops (not the BRT stations) which would then take them to 87th Street.  There are regular Metro 1 stops north and south of the Connell BRT station that they can walk to.
Check out the link to their stops on 92nd St & 87th St. here:  Waukesha Metro (
The bus routes that serve the MRMC campus include MCTS's Route 31 and Route 92,  Waukesha Metro Route 1, and the Washington County Commuter Express.  

 Find bus schedules or view a map of MRMC bus stops here (being updated).

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Planning Tools & Resources

MCTS offers an array of helpful tools for finding the right route and stops for each bus commuter's needs.

Find Information on MCTS Fares & Pricing >
Take Your Bike on the Bus >
View Full MCTS Transit System Map >

MCTS is partnered with Bublr, Milwaukee's bikeshare program, on the Buslr program, which lets commuters combine their bus and bikeshare passes on one convenient card.

Traveling from Outside Milwaukee

The Amtrak Hiawatha Train transports travelers between Milwaukee and Northern Illinois, including downtown Chicago. If you're coming to MRMC from outside the Milwaukee area, Amtrak is a great resource.

More on Amtrak >

Want to combine biking & busing?

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Public Transit

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