Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin

From blood donation to cancer research, Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin's mission is to save lives.

BloodCenter of Wisconsin logoSaving and enhancing patients’ lives is central to everything we do. Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin provides communities with a continuum of care that includes the discovery, diagnosis, treatment and cure of many life-altering health conditions. The diversity of our expertise, educational capabilities and innovation makes Blood Center a truly unique organization.

Learn more about the important work being done at Blood Center by visiting our website, reviewing our Community Report or connecting with us through social media.


Exterior of Blood Research InstituteBlood Research Institute

Located on the MRMC campus, Blood Center's Blood Research Institute (BRI) is a premier center for the investigation of blood-related diseases and conditions such as sickle cell disease and hemophilia. Our world-class scientists are making discoveries that improve diagnosis, advance treatments and ultimately lead to cures.

Since 1947, BRI has advanced scientific breakthroughs that have helped patients suffering from:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Immune system disorders
  • Blood diseases

BRI features 30 investigator-level scientists and houses eight core laboratories that provide specialized research services to investigators.


BRI also sponsors several seminar series and lectures throughout the year, bringing together graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and investigators to hear talks by nationally and internationally known scientists whose work is relevant to research at BRI. Topics include:


Our life-saving work would not be possible without the support and generosity of individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations that help advance our mission to save more lives through discovery, diagnosis, treatment and cure. Visit our website to learn more about ways to support BloodCenter and BRI.

Exterior of BloodCenter InstituteWauwatosa Donor Center

There are many reasons to give blood, including the opportunity to improve and save patients’ lives while engaging in a rewarding personal experience. One of 12 Blood Center donor centers around the state, the Wauwatosa Donor Center is located in the BRI building on the MRMC campus. For additional information, including hours of operation, please visit our website. To schedule an appointment for blood donation please call 877-BE-A-HERO.

Comprehensive Center for Bleeding Disorders

Blood Center's CCBD provides diagnosis and ongoing medical and supportive care for patients with disorders that affect bleeding or clotting. CCBD is located in the BRI building on MRMC's campus.