About MRMC

The Milwaukee Regional Medical Center (MRMC)—located in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin—is a consortium of health care institutions whose faculty, staff and caregivers provide a full range of services.

MRMC is the name of the physical campus where members are located, as well as the name of the administrative organization that adds value to its campus members through increased collaboration and streamlining of financial and service delivery. The campus is governed by an executive team and other governing bodies that handle long-term campus strategy as well as plan for emergency preparedness, protective services,  sustainability initiatives and more.

MRMC is the region’s only academic medical center. The campus is home to a Level I Adult Trauma Center at a nationally ranked academic medical center, a Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center at a nationally recognized children's hospital and a medical college that is the largest research center in the Milwaukee metropolitan area and the second-largest in Wisconsin.

MRMC organizations provide continuum of care rehabilitation services and offer new discoveries and cures to patients throughout the world. MRMC organizations share a common mission of excellence in patient care, medical education, life-science research and community service.

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