Campus Administration

How We Work Together

Organizational Collaboration

Milwaukee Regional Medical Center (MRMC) activities are governed by the MRMC Board, the MRMC Thermal Service Board, the MRMC Water Service Board, and the Infrastructure Board. The MRMC Board is comprised of the chief executive officers of the member organizations and establishes Center policy. These boards holds the ultimate responsibility for the management of MRMC affairs. These Boards of Directors are assisted by a number of advisory committees and a corporate staff headed by the MRMC Executive Director.

A comprehensive range of MRMC advisory committees meet on an ongoing basis to guide collaboration regarding campus-specific functions that include operations and land use, transportation/traffic/transit/parking, emergency preparedness, communications, emergency communications, shared services and public affairs.

Invoices or Inquiries

The individual campus organizations administrate their own patient billing, medical records, accounting, purchasing and human resource functions. You may contact them directly for more information.

Inquire about invoices or accounting matters regarding MRMC, Flight For Life, MRMC Thermal, MRMC Water or MRMC Infrastructure as follows:

  • By Mail:
    Flight For Life
    2661 Aviation Road
    Waukesha, WI 53188
  • By Phone: (414) 778-4570 (follow voice prompts)
    • Press 4 for: Flight For Life Patient Accounts, Billing and Medical Records
    • Press 6 for: Finance & Human Resources
  • By Fax: (414) 778-4571 (Finance Fax)

For other Thermal, Water or Infrastructure administrative matters, send mail to:

8700 Watertown Plank Road
in Wisconsin Athletic Club Building
Lower Level Mail Stop 5
Milwaukee, WI 53226