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Save Money & Go Green with a Carpool

The Ride Guide team is happy to introduce CommuteWISE Connect, our new and enhanced service for finding carpool matches and more!

Formerly Wisconsin Rideshare, this new platform makes it simple to sign up, search your commute options, and log trips.

CommuteWISE Connect is a free service that helps commuters make safe connections with other people who live in the same city or town and work at the same organization so they can set up a carpool. Most MRMC carpoolers meet at a Park & Ride site or another mutually convenient location.

Commuters who combine forces can save money on gas and car-related expenses, lessen air pollution, and reduce their personal carbon footprint.  

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Click here to create an account with CommuteWISE Connect.

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Three Benefits of CommuteWISE Connect

  1.  Match your trip with others (carpool and more):  
    • Save time, money, and reduce your impact by finding fellow residents and employees taking similar trips to match a trip with.  
    • Simply set your origin and destination for a regular or one-time trip.  CommuteWISE Connect will match you with others who have a similar travel plan.
    • Users can search and view potential trip matches based upon a specific radius from the origin, destination, and along the route.
    • Once an original search has been entered, users are able to easily modify their search, save it for later or go back and review their recent searches.
    • Users should save and share trips as "favorites" so others can match with them.  
  2. Explore your options:
    • CommuteWISE Connect will provide a range of travel options for your trip and the impacts associated with each choice.  This will help you to make an informed decision about your trip.
  3. Track your impact:
    • Users may track their trip choices to see the impact on their costs and local environment, receive rewards, and compete with fellow residents and employees in their area.  
    • By tracking travel choices in a diary, users will receive digital badges that can be shared on social media for actions such as "first alternative trip logged" or "first bicycle trip."  Top performers for each travel mode will also be displayed on a digital leaderboard.

MRMC recommends meeting at state Park & Ride lots. Lots in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee, and Washington counties are listed in the map above; find lots in other Wisconsin counties here.

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Want to reduce your carbon footprint even further? Bike to MRMC.

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