Thermal Plant

Exterior of the Thermal plantThe MRMC Thermal plant provides steam and chilled water that heat and cool the hospitals and other buildings on the academic medical campus.

It provides service to a total of 7.5 million sq. ft. of interior building space. The specialized needs of the campus, which include adult and pediatric Level 1 trauma centers and biomedical research facilities, make it vital for MRMC to be able to directly manage these services.

In 2020, Thermal completed plant and distribution system improvements to promote:

  • Redundancy: Production and distribution diversity to provide continuous supply of critical service
  • Reliability: Investment in plant and distribution infrastructure to enhance uninterrupted, consistent thermal service
  • Eco-Friendliness: Elimination of coal and conversion to natural gas, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 70 percent
  • Growth: Creating capacity to accommodate future growth on the campus
  • Transparency: Engaging member organizations in decision-making from the source to the user
  • Control: Aligning clinical and economic values in decision-making
  • Costs Improving rates for steam and chilled water for nonprofit health care and medical education organizations

MRMC Thermal contracts with Ever-Green Energy, an independent provider, to operate and manage the plant.